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In Sanskrit, Utsava translates to a celebration or any joyous occasion carrying the meaning of delight, merriment and pleasure. Utsava has also been found to represent a beginning or enterprise. With these two definitions of the same word, I wanted to create a fun way to celebrate a healthy life in practicing yoga for all skill levels, especially beginners! (And since my name – Genessis – also means beginning, it seemed only fit to do so!)

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Even before completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification in May of 2018, I took my new-found love of yoga to the beach. Others had offered classes at this beach previously, but none were still doing so at that current time. Seeing a great opportunity to not only deepen my own practice during my teacher certification, but also to share my new and on-going yogic knowledge, I seized it, took it head on & whole-heartedly!

In the fall of 2021, Regina Phillips joined me in teaching the classes. Her natural ability to lead plus her love of the asanas has helped her to be a fantastic yoga teacher. She is currently enrolled in teacher training as well as constantly doing extra research and training on her own. I am so lucky to have been gifted with the perfect beach yogi turned instructor to lead us for great practices!

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By offering gentle stretches and basic poses, along with variations for those choosing to stay seated

as well as for those who are experienced and want a level up, everyone will benefit.


Utsava Beach Yoga is Yes! You Can! and truly yoga for EVERYONE.

We are all-inclusive, all-accepting, all levels, age, preference.

There is no judgment, just yoga your own way with gentle guidance. We allow the inner peace to reside within. We invite the calm to help us in our movement while the sound of the water and sea birds

help to keep our thoughts clear.


Classes are created as events on the Utsava Beach Yoga Faccebook page.

Each class is shown Live, recorded and uploaded for continuous viewing anytime!

Please visit the Facebook page to message Utsava directly or for more details.

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