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How to sign up for a class through the new studio.

I’m using screen captures from my phone for the tutorial since most

use their phone to get on the internet and to sign up for classes.

First, download the app Pilates & Bodies

Screenshot_20230101-183000_Google Play Store.jpg

Open the app – “think screen”

Home Screen has 4 tabs at the bottom. Click the second icon at the bottom “My Schedule” to sign in or create an account.

Screenshot_20230102-085830_Pilates and Bodies.jpg
Screenshot_20230102-085846_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

After clicking the “My Schedule”, you will be brought to the “Sign In” page.

If you have already registered, simply sign in. If not, let’s create our account. Click the pink “Sign Up” at the bottom.

Screenshot_20230102-090635_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

Fill in all the info it needs creating a simple password you can remember. Click “Sign Up”.

Screenshot_20230102-090703_Pilates and Bodies.jpg
Screenshot_20230102-090809_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

You will then get a screen saying to check your email. (This screen went away faster than I could capture it.)

In your inbox (check your spam if you do not see it), you have an email from “Registration Services” saying thank you for signing up. Click the blue “Activate Account” button.


This will bring you to a “Waiver” page. Please read all of it since their policies are a bit different than the Shore Bliss ones had been.

To sign, scribble in the box (it does not have to be legible) click the green bar at the bottom that says “I agree to use Electronic Signature”.


This brings you back to the Home page/ Book Now tab of the app. We are now signed in and can find a class!

To browse available classes to attend, you can click any of the three choices: Aerial Yoga, Group Classes or Reformer.

Our Shore Bliss classes will be found under “Group Classes”. Click that option.

Screenshot_20230102-085846_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

You can scroll down until you find the date and class name you want to attend. Click anywhere in the box to choose the one you want.

Screenshot_20230102-090125_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

I chose Blissful Blend on Monday at 1030am. 

It now shows you the “Class Details” page with name, date, time, a description of the class, the teacher and location. At the bottom, you can click the green “Book Now” box.

(If you are not already signed in to your account, it will then prompt you to sign in or create one. *See previous steps if needed.)

Screenshot_20230102-090508_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

The “Booking Class” screen then double checks what you are signing up for: Class name, date, time, etc. It also tells you how many spots are available as well as how many are already booked. To reserve your spot, click the green “Continue to checkout” box at the bottom.

(If you click inside the box of any of the options, you will see a purple screen restating the option. You can cancel out of that screen by clicking the X at the bottom.)

Screenshot_20230108-174753_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

The next screen prompts you what to do to pay.

Screenshot_20230108-175608_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

We now have a payment screen. You can choose to pay for the single class or any of the packages. Your first class is free so choose that for now. Click inside the circle at the right. Then click the green box at the bottom “Continue to checkout”.

Screenshot_20230102-092843_Pilates and Bodies.jpg
Screenshot_20230102-092954_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

You now have a confirmation screen and you have earned points! If you do not wish to share on social media, simply click the “not now” words.

Screenshot_20230102-093558_Pilates and Bodies.jpg

This brings you back to the home page to book another class or explore further.

There are a lot of cool features to the app. I encourage you to explore them at your convenience!

If you need any help, just text me and I will call you when I can to talk you through it.

Or we can figure it out in person over coffee or before/ after a class!

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