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Our Story

Welcome to Shore Bliss! 

Our studio is located in Apollo Beach and is convenient to Ruskin, Gibsonton,

Sun City Center, Wimauma, and south Riverview. 

We offer group classes and private instruction for all levels, from beginners to more experienced practitioners as well as feature classes, specialized workshops and meditation. 




Our Mission

We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment in which we provide well-rounded, high-quality instruction in every class, offering the student a complete yoga experience.  Instructors are Yoga Alliance-certified and incorporate many different techniques in their classes, from traditional postures and breathing exercises to meditation, mudra, deep relaxation, aroma therapy, and inspirational readings.  We also offer specialized yoga and wellness workshops to help you take your practice further. 

Let us help you explore the numerous benefits of yoga, and allow us to support and inspire you on your journey to balance and wellness!


Our History

Established in 2009.

Our studio has continued to move in a positive, exciting direction since its inception in 2009 as Apollo Beach Yoga.

In November of 2011 ownership changed and the studio became New Thought Yoga. In January 2013, Lynne Houshmand and Sarah Gauta stepped in with a shared vision and the desire to continue providing local students and teachers this valuable resource. The name was changed to Shore Bliss to reflect the area we serve (South Shore) and our proximity to the shores of Tampa Bay. Ownership then changed in 2017 to Laura Linton providing the community with a specialization in the 65+ community.

During the shutdown in early 2020, Genessis LeBato took ownership keeping the studio alive and going once they reopened in June of that year. With diverse class offerings and a team of experienced teachers, the studio continues to serve the retired members of the community but also provides a diverse list of classes for those of all ages and skill level.


As we move ever forward, look for additional opportunities in the form of new classes, workshops, and teacher training.



Our Vision

We believe yoga is an exploration of the Self and when we begin our practice, we stand at the shore of deeper consciousness, of untapped feeling.  If we maintain a sense of wonder and move forward with an open mind and heart, we can dive into bliss!

As Apollo Beach and the South Shore areas continue to grow, we look forward to an exciting future as part of it.  We are grateful to those who paved the way before us and made possible this opportunity to serve our community.

We want the entire community to feel welcome and safe to experience our studio by making available a wide range of yoga offerings. To accomplish this we will be expanding our yoga program to include additional classes, CEU credit hours, more workshops, and 200 RYT. We are excited for you to join us!

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